Asian Penguins middle school Linux club inspires community

Open Source in EducationA collection of articles from educators, students, advocates, parents, and more who are implementing open source in education and working toward a more open knowledge base for everyone.The Community School of Excellence Asian Penguins start every club meeting with a call and response.The meeting leader, always a kid, asks the question, “What are we trying to do?” and the kids respond, “Change the world!” The leader then asks, “How do you change the world?” and the kids then respond, “Be crazy enough to think you can!”read more

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Development release: antiX 15 Beta 1

By The antiX development team has announced that the first beta build of antiX 15, a lightweight Debian-based distribution, is ready for testing. This release uses SysVInit only (rather than systemd) for managing services (some of the previously released alpha builds offered a choice between the two init systems)…..

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How to access your Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop securely over the network with FreeNX

FreeNX offers a way to securely access your desktop remotely over a local network or the Internet. FreeNX is the OpenSource implementation of the NX protocol, originally developed by NoMachine. The NX protocol is very efficient and allows X-Desktop-Connections over slow network uplinks. The connection is secured with SSL / TLS. In this tutorial we are going to check how to install and configure FreeNX on Ubunru 14.04 (Trusty Tahr).

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