Best Free Linux Password Managers

To provide an insight into the quality of software available for Linux, we have compiled a list of 8 best free password managers. Hopefully, there will be something of interest for anyone wanting to automate the process of entering passwords and other data, and save the hassle of remembering multiple passwords.

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When it comes to IP desk phones, the secondary market is the way to go

As I sit at my desk and stare at the phone in front of me, I think back to a time when “experts” predicted desk phones would no longer be needed.

Well, those experts were certainly wrong. Instead, we have several options in desk phones — so many, in fact, that you may feel you need directory assistance just to get started. You’re left wondering if you should go with an old favorite or try a newer model. And you’re likely concerned about Cisco’s announced end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the Cisco Unified IP Phones 7945, 7965, 7975, and 7916. Are they still a good value, and will they still be available in the secondary market?

Or maybe you’re wondering if you should go with the Cisco 8800 Series models that came out a few years ago that were supposed to eventually replace the whole 7900 Series. Can you afford all the bells and whistles that go with the 8800 series?

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How the L1 Terminal Fault vulnerability affects Linux systems

Announced just yesterday in security advisories from Intel, Microsoft and Red Hat, a newly discovered vulnerability affecting Intel processors (and, thus, Linux) called L1TF or “L1 Terminal Fault” is grabbing the attention of Linux users and admins. Exactly what is this vulnerability and who should be worrying about it?

L1TF, L1 Terminal Fault, and Foreshadow

The processor vulnerability goes by any of those names. Researchers who discovered the problem back in January and reported it to Intel called it “Foreshadow”. It is similar to vulnerabilities discovered in the past (such as Spectre).

This vulnerability is Intel-specific. Other processors are not affected. And like some other vulnerabilities, it exists because of design choices that were implemented to optimize kernel processing speed but exposed data in ways that allowed access by other processes.

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Happy birthday, GNOME: 8 reasons to love this Linux desktop

GNOME has been my favorite desktop environment for quite some time. While I always make it a point to check out other environments from time to time, there are some aspects of the GNOME desktop that are hard to live without. While there are many great desktop environments out there, GNOME feels like home to me. Here are some of the features I enjoy most about more

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Security updates for Wednesday

Security updates have been issued by CentOS (kernel), Debian (kernel, linux-4.9, postgresql-9.4, and ruby-zip), Fedora (cgit, firefox, knot-resolver, mingw-LibRaw, php-symfony, php-symfony3, php-symfony4, php-zendframework-zend-diactoros, php-zendframework-zend-feed, php-zendframework-zend-http, python2-django1.11, quazip, sox, and thunderbird-enigmail), openSUSE (python-Django and seamonkey), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (kernel, kernel-rt, and redhat-virtualization-host), Scientific Linux (kernel), Slackware (openssl), SUSE (clamav, firefox, kernel, and samba), and Ubuntu (kernel, libxml2, linux, linux-aws, linux-kvm, linux-raspi2, linux-snapdragon, linux-hwe, linux-azure, linux-gcp, linux-lts-trusty, linux-lts-xenial, linux-aws, linux-raspi2, and samba).

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An Early Look At The L1 Terminal Fault “L1TF” Performance Impact On Virtual Machines

Yesterday the latest speculative execution vulnerability was disclosed that was akin to Meltdown and is dubbed the L1 Terminal Fault, or “L1TF” for short. Here are some very early benchmarks of the performance impact of the L1TF mitigation on the Linux virtual machine performance when testing the various levels of mitigation as well as the unpatched system performance prior to this vulnerability coming to light.

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