Danko: Next steps for Gmane

By ris LWN previously reported that Gmane creator
and maintainer Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen shut down the website and was
contemplating shutting down the service entirely. Martin Danko
that Gmane has a new maintainer. “I petitioned some of our directors to allow us to offer to take it over and in the end we entered into agreement with Lars to take over Gmane. The assets of Gmane have been placed into a UK company Gmane Ltd.

As part of the agreement, we have received the INN spool with all the articles but none of the code that drives the site. We’ve started rebuilding parts of the site just to get it back online, its not perfect and there are pieces missing but we’re working on building all the functionality back into the site.”
(Thanks to Brian Thomas)

From: LWN