Where’s That Pesky Hidden Word?

By Dave Taylor

I’ve been promising my 11-year-old for a long time now that I’d write a
program that would let you build custom word searches based on a list of
words given by the user. I wrote one years and years ago in C, but since I
can’t find that code any more and wanted to tackle another interesting
project for this column, that’s what I’m going to look at herein.

From: Linux Journal

My Network Go-Bag

By Shawn Powers

I often get teased for taking so much tech hardware with me on
trips—right up until the Wi-Fi at the hotel, conference center
or rented house fails. I’m currently on vacation with my family and
some of our friends from Florida, and our rental home has a faulty Wi-Fi
router. Thankfully, I have a bag full of goodies for just this occasion. more>>

From: Linux Journal

Doing Astronomy with Python

By Joey Bernard

One of the things that makes Python so powerful is that you can find a module for almost
anything. In this article, I cover Astropy, which was originally
developed by the Space Telescope Science Institute for doing astronomy calculations like
image processing and observatory calculations. more>>

From: Linux Journal