Development Release: 14.04.2 Beta

By A Beta release of the minimal LXLE distribution has been announced. The development release, version 14.04.2, is available for testing and ships with a number of package upgrades and a surprising move to use the SeaMonkey web browser suite “All software packages have been updated to their latest….

From: DistroWatch

SageTV to go open source

By Brad Linder SageTV was a cross-platform media center application and digital video recorder tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. I say “was” because Google acquired the company in 2011 and used the technology for its Google Fiber TV service. Now SageTV could be making a comeback: the company’s founder has announced that within a few months Google will open source the SageTV platform.

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[$] GitHub unveils its License API

By n8willis

Since opening its doors in 2008, GitHub has grown to become the largest
active project-hosting service for open-source software. But it has
also attracted a fair share of criticism for some of its
implementation choices—with one of the leading complaints being
that it takes a lax approach to software licensing. That, in turn,
leads to a glut of repositories bearing little or no licensing
details. The company recently announced a new tool to help combat the
license-confusion issue: a site-wide API for querying and reporting
license information. Whether that API is up to the task, however,
remains to be seen.

From: LWN

IBM Exposes Critical Dropbox Android Vulnerability

By Sean Michael Kerner The flaw, now identified as CVE-2014-8889, was found inside the Dropbox SDK (software development kit) for Android and could have potentially enabled an attacker to insert an arbitrary access token, to give the attacker access to user information.IBM built a proof-of-concept exploit that it calls “DroppedIn” to test the impact of the vulnerability. Using the exploit, IBM found that 76 percent of the apps that it analyzed that leverage the Dropbox SDK were at risk from the flaw.

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HHVM 3.6 Brings New Features To PHP/Hack

Facebook developers announced the release today of HHVM 3.6.0, the HipHop Virtual Machine that’s at the heart of their Hack programming language and also serving as a popular PHP alternate implementation thanks to its high performance…

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