Distribution Release: elementary 0.3

By distro@distrowatch.com The developers of elementary OS have announced the launch of a new stable release, code name “Freya”. The new release features UEFI support, improved interactive notifications, a new firewall utility, designed administrative utilities and a unified login/lock screen. “elementary is proud to announce the stable release of elementary….

From: DistroWatch

Linux Chromebooks, Securing the Web & More…

By Christine Hall We hear from Softpedia that Chromixium is just about ready for prime time. Well, that may be jumping the gun a little bit. What we really hear is that the distro has now gone from beta to release candidate, and that a honest-to-goodness 1.0 stable version is virtually just around the corner. Trouble is: we’re not sure yet just how far away we are from that corner. Shouldn’t be too far, however. The beta version was only released in February, so these developers aren’t wasting time.

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Encryption Support For EXT4

Ted Ts’o at Google has implemented EXT4 encryption support that will likely be baked into the next Android “M” release and is being worked toward for mainline inclusion in the upstream Linux kernel…

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