Welcoming The 2015 Phoronix Summer Intern

This summer on Phoronix we’ll be welcoming Eric Griffith to the team, a student from the California University of Pennsylvania. Eric will be an intern at Phoronix via his journalism program at the university. Eric has already written about his new laptop with Linux and he’ll be writing many more Linux/open-source articles on Phoronix over the next few months. Please join me in welcoming him to his summer internship. He’s prepared a few remarks to get started…

From: Phoronix

Open source has to be more than Linux

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to my fourth installment of Six Degrees. Thanks for the tremendous support, suggestions, and feedback since I kicked this off. It all helps me to write something that is hopefully worth reading.read more

From: LXer

[$] Trading off safety and performance in the kernel

By corbet The kernel community ordinarily tries to avoid letting users get into a
position where the integrity of their data might be compromised. There are
exceptions, though; consider, for example, the ability to explicitly flush
important data to disk (or more importantly, to avoid flushing at any given
time). Buffering I/O in this manner can significantly improve disk write
I/O throughput, but if application developers are careless, the result can
be data loss should the system go down at an inopportune time. Recently
there have been a couple of proposed performance-oriented changes that have
tested the community’s willingness to let users put themselves into danger.

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From: LWN

Firefox 38.0

By ris Mozilla has released Firefox 38.0. This version features new tab-based
preferences and Ruby annotation support. Also, it will be the base for the
next ESR release. The release
contain more information.

From: LWN

How to Use GIMP Photo Editor

By Ben Kim If Microsoft Paint isn’t enough for your photo-editing needs, GIMP is the next logical step. It’s totally free, open-source, and can go toe-to-toe with Photoshop—at least in terms of basic image manipulation. Need to crop a photo? Look no further. Want to add some basic filters or effects? GIMP has you covered.

From: LXer