Take Control of Your File Systems Wtih Konqueror

By OpenSource.com

Having briefly discussed eight Linux file managers in my previous article, this article concentrates on my favorite GUI-based file manager. Konqueror is an amazingly versatile and powerful file management program that is also a very good web browser and FTP client. It is provided with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora,…

From: Linux.com

Steam Linux Usage Drops Lower… Below 0.9%

Last month Steam Linux usage dropped below 1.0% during April, which was the lowest point we’ve seen it in some time with the monthly OS average attributing Linux to a 1.0~1.6% average. However, the May numbers are out and the Steam Linux usage has declined even further…

From: Phoronix

Beautiful Blackhole 2D Platformer Ported to Linux

By Softpedia

Blackhole is a beautifully rendered 2D sci-fi hardcore platformer developed and published on Steam by FiolaSoft Studio. The game has been ported to the Linux platform along with the just-released DLC. There are quite a few 2D platformers on the Linux platform, and you might think that there isn’t enough…

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