What a Virtual Network Looks Like: Services

By No Jitter

In the past, services have been the direct product of cooperative behavior of systems of network devices. The devices communicate with each other to learn network topology, status, and the location of endpoints in a process called “adaptive discovery.” This collection of adaptive processes ties networks tightly to protocols and ties devices to services, which means that service changes can demand protocol and sometimes even device changes. If virtual networks can break this tie, it could be… well … huge.

From: Linux.com

LLVM Looks At Moving From SVN To Git Via GitHub

While there have been Git mirrors available of LLVM and its sub-projects (including Clang) for some time, this open-source compiler infrastructure project has relied upon SVN as its cental development repository. The LLVM project is now looking at finally transitioning to Git for development and quite likely utilizing GitHub for hosting…

From: Phoronix