Distribution Release: wattOS R9

By distro@distrowatch.com Ronald Ropp has announced the release of a new version of wattOS Linux. The wattOS project develops a lightweight distribution, based on Ubuntu, which attempts to be energy efficient while providing users with a responsive desktop interface. The new version of wattOS, called Release 9, is available in….

From: DistroWatch

How Warm Does The Intel Compute Stick Get?

The Intel Compute Stick packs a lot into a tiny package: 2GB of DDR3L memory, 32GB eMMC storage, Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor with Intel HD Graphics, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n WiFi, USB 2.0, and a microSD card slot… All into a 103 x 37 x 12 mm package, but how warm does it get under full load? Here’s some numbers…

From: Phoronix

RDO Kilo Set up for three F22 VM Nodes Controller&Network&Compute (ML2&OVS&VXLAN)

By Boris Derzhavets Actually, straight forward install RDO Kilo on Fedora 22 crashes due to relatively simple puppet mistake. Workaround for this issue was recently suggested by Javier Pena. Start packstack for multinode deployment as normal to get files require updates.After first packstack crash update /usr/share/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/provider/service/systemd.rb to include “F22” (in quite obvious place) on all deployment nodes

From: LXer