Solving HPC Conflicts with Containers

By The Next Platform

Countless stories, comics, and television shows have driven home two very unpleasant stereotypes: the angry, unhelpful system administrator who can’t wait to say “no!” to a user request, and the clueless, clumsy user always a keystroke away from taking down the entire infrastructure. There is a kernel of truth to them. While both resource providers and resource users may want the same end result — the successful completion of computational tasks — they have conflicting priorities when it comes to achieving it.


Distribution Release: Greenie Linux 16.04

By Stanislav Hoferek has announced the release of Greenie Linux 16.04, a Lubuntu-based desktop distribution optimised primarily for Slovak and Czech users, but also supporting English, Hungarian and Polish languages: “Greenie Linux 16.04 is here. There are two editions. “Lite” is a useful system for everyday use with only….

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Create Your Own Pi Distro

Many people may want to tweak their own version of a Linux Operating System (OS) but are unsure how to do it. Some may think it is too hard to do. If you have a Raspberry Pi and a few free hours to play around with it then you may want to try this out.

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SDN, Blockchain and Beyond: The Spaces Where Open Source Is Thriving Today


What are the newest frontiers that open source software is conquering? Black Duck’s latest open source “Rookies of the Year” report, which highlights areas like blockchain and SDN, provides some interesting insights.

The report, which Black Duck published Monday, highlights what the company calls “the top new open source projects initiated in 2016.” It’s the ninth annual report of this type that Black Duck has issued.


DDoS attack pummels Luxembourg state servers The Luxembourg government’s web servers have been slowed to a crawl since the start of a DDoS attack Monday, according to state-owned IT provider Centre des Techniques de l’information de l’Etat (CTIE). CTIE confirmed the attack in a Tweet Monday morning:

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Elasticsearch and Kibana : installation and basic usage on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will be going through the installation steps for Elasticsearch followed by the installation of Kibana and then we will use Kibana to store and retrieve data. Elasticsearch is a production ready search engine written in java and is extremely powerful. It can be used as a standalone search engine for the web or as a search engine for e-commerce web applications.

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