Lortie: Gtk 4.0 is not Gtk 4

By corbet Allison Lortie writes
about a new proposed GTK release scheme
that may take some getting used
Meanwhile, Gtk 4.0 will not be the final stable API of what we would
call ‘Gtk 4’. Each 6 months, the new release (Gtk 4.2, Gtk 4.4, Gtk 4.6)
will break API and ABI vs. the release that came before it. These
incompatible minor versions will not be fully parallel installable; they
will use the same pkg-config name and the same header file directory. We
will, of course, bump the soname with each new incompatible release — you
will be able to run Gtk 4.0 apps alongside Gtk 4.2 and 4.4 apps, but you
won’t be able to build them on the same system. This policy fits the model
of how most distributions think about libraries and their ‘development
” Only the last release in each major number series
(expected every two years) would have a stable API. Read the whole thing
to fully understand what is being proposed.

From: LWN