Tor Browser 6.0 is released

By ris The Tor Browser Team has announced
the release
of Tor browser 6.0. This release brings the browser
up-to-date with Firefox 45-ESR, which provides better support for HTML5
video on Youtube, as well as a host of other improvements. DuckDuckGo is
now the default search engine. “Lately, we got a couple of comments on our blog and via email wondering why we are now using DuckDuckGo as the default search engine and not Disconnect anymore. Well, we still use Disconnect. But for a while now Disconnect has no access to Google search results anymore which we used in Tor Browser. Disconnect being more a meta search engine which allows users to choose between different search providers fell back to delivering Bing search results which were basically unacceptable quality-wise. While Disconnect is still trying to fix the situation we asked them to change the fallback to DuckDuckGo as their search results are strictly better than the ones Bing delivers.

From: LWN