LibreOffice 6.0 Released With Major Improvements and New Features

By Abhishek Prakash

LibreOffice 6.0 Released

Brief: The latest major release of LibreOffice brings better interoperability with Microsoft Office documents, ePub export, OpenPGP document signing, improved user interface and a number of other functional improvements.

The best open source office suite has got even better. LibreOffice 6.0 has been released today, on the seventh anniversary of the first stable release of LibreOffice. The new release brings a number of improvements and new features. The Document Foundation calls it a “dramatical improvement” over its predecessors.

LibreOffice 6.0 is the first major release of LibreOffice with the last one being 5.4 in July last year.

LibreOffice 6.0 features

LibreOffice has released a video showcasing the top new features of 6.0 release in action.


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If you prefer to read over videos, here are some of the major new features in LibreOffice 6.0:

  • Improved interoperability with Microsoft Office documents
  • Export to ePub format
  • Improved Notebookbar (i.e. Ribbon interface)
  • Form menu in Writer brings the ability to design forms, and create standards-compliant PDF forms
  • Lists for Recent and Favorite special characters
  • Easier to save embed images
  • Elementary icons and Noto fonts included by default
  • OpenPGP keys can now be used to sign ODF documents
  • Document classification has also been improved
  • Improved support for AbiWord, QuarkExpress and PageMaker files
  • 10 new templates in Impress
  • Calc can now handle half a million rows
  • Old help wiki has been replaced by new online help
  • Improved spellcheck with custom dictionary

You can read about other changes in the release note.

Download LibreOffice 6.0

LibreOffice 6.0 should be provided by your Linux distribution sooner or later. But if you are wondering how to install LibreOffice 6.0 in Ubuntu right now, you can download the DEB file. There are RPM packages also available for Fedora-based Linux distribution. Packages for Windows and macOS are also available.

If you are going to manually install LibreOffice 6.0, I advise that you remove any existing version of LibreOffice installed on your system.

Download LibreOffice 6.0

Out of curiosity, would you like to start using LibreOffice 6.0 right away or would you wait for your Linux distribution to provide the upgrade to you?

From: It’s FOSS