Security-Oriented Alpine Linux 3.7 Has UEFI Support, GRUB Support in Installer

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Alpine Linux, a security-oriented and lightweight GNU/Linux distribution based on musl libc and BusyBox, has been updated recently to version 3.7.

Alpine Linux 3.7.0 comes six months after the 3.6 series, which received only two maintenance updates during its release cycle, and it’s a major release that introduces support for UEFI machines, as well as support for the GRUB bootloader in the installer.

Many of the distro’s core components have been updated to new versions, and Alpine Linux 3.7.0 ships with the Linux 4.9.65 LTS kernel, GCC 6.4 and LLVM 5.0 compilers, Rust 1.22 and Go 1.9 programming languages, as well as Node.js 8.9 LTS, Perl 5.26, and latest PostgreSQL 10 database engine.

The first in the 3.7 stable series

Alpine Linux 3.7.0 is the first in the 3.7 stable series of the independently-developed operating system primarily targeted at power users and advanced Linux users who appreciate security, resource efficiency, and simplicity.

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