Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Operating System Is Now Available for ARM Servers

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Red Hat announced today the general availability of the Red Enterpriose Linux 7.4 commercial operating system for ARM hardware.

Marking the culmination of a two-year long collaboration between Red Hat and ARM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM is debuts today as part of Red Hat’s multi-architecture strategy as the company plans to support as many hardware architectures as possible for its commercial Linux-based operating system. As such, ARM server support has been added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4.

“Our goal was to develop a single operating platform across multiple 64-bit ARMv8-A server-class SoCs from various suppliers while using the same sources to build user functionality and consistent feature set that enables customers to deploy across a range of server implementations while maintaining application compatibility,” said Red Hat in the press release…. (read more)

From: Softpedia