The problem with Linux packaging in large organizations

By Bryan Lunduke

One of the challenges of implementing and utilizing Linux across a large organization—an organization where there are many different people with significantly different computing needs—is … packaging.

Seriously. Packaging is a big problem.

Just as an example:

Let’s say you are in charge of IT for a 1,000-person organization. Your server needs dictate that you’ll need (or at least likely want) a server-oriented Linux distribution with some sort of paid support contract. Easy enough. You can choose Red Hat Enterprise or SUSE Linux Enterprise. Server needs met.

But what about the marketing department? Does an enterprise-grade, server-focused distribution make sense for all of them? Probably not. Maybe you can standardize on one of the media production-focused distributions—or perhaps the community-driven sides of the enterprise distribution you already chose for your servers.

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From: Network World