Linux Foundation Launches LF Deep Learning Foundation to Accelerate AI Growth

By Fierce Telecom

As this week’s Open Network Summit gets underway, The Linux Foundation has debuted the LF Deep Learning Foundation, an umbrella organization focused on driving open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

The goal of the LF Deep Learning Foundation is to make these new technologies available to developers and data scientists.


The Evolution of Open Networking to Automated, Intelligent Networks

By PamBaker

The 2018 Open Networking Summit is happening this week in Los Angeles. Just prior to opening day, we talked with John Zannos, Chief Revenue Officer at Inocybe, to get his view on the state of open networking and changes in the foreseeable future. Zannos, is on the governing board of the Linux Foundation Networking effort, and has formerly served on the OpenStack and on the OPEN-O boards.


Linus Torvalds: Linux 4.16 Kernel Launches on Sunday. Possibly. Maybe.

By betanews

After a series of release candidates, Linus Torvalds could well be ready to unleash version 4.16 of the Linux kernel onto the world at the weekend. That is unless he changes his mind about the RC build: “rc7 is much too big for my taste,” he says in his weekly update to the kernel mailing list.

Torvalds says that while he’s not planning for there to be an eighth release candidate, the current size is causing him to think about the best course of action. For those who have not been following the story, he also details what’s new in Linux 4.16.


Achieving Cloud-Native HPC Capabilities in a Mixed Workload Environment

By The New Stack

As the lines blur between traditional workloads and new applications like deep-learning, containers becoming are a hot topic in enterprise HPC as well. Not surprisingly, like their internet colleagues deploying cloud-scale services, HPC architects see value in cloud-native approaches. HPC developers have been building distributed applications since before clusters were cool, open source is in their DNA, and they also appreciate the elegance of parallelism, resilience and horizontal scaling.


More Tips for Managing a Fast-Growing Open Source Project

By lfadmin

As open source technology has become more strategically important for organizations everywhere, many tech workers are choosing to or being asked to build out and oversee their own open source projects. From Google, to Netflix to Facebook, companies are also releasing their open source creations to the community. These efforts require more management than may seem apparent at first, and there is also a particular kind of “nice problem to have” that can arise. Specifically, a new open source project can suddenly take on a life of its own, growing far faster than ever imagined.