Spectre Mitigation Causing Significant Slowdown in 4.20 Kernel, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Coming to Linux in 2019, Kdenlive Bug-Squashing Day December 2, Diskio Pi Kickstarter Campaign and Phones to Receive Android Pie

News briefs for November 20, 2018.

Mitigation for Spectre variant 2 is causing significant slowdowns in the
new 4.20 kernel, and Linus Torvalds posted
to the LKML
, “When performance goes down by
50 percent on some loads, people need to start asking themselves whether it
was worth it. It’s apparently better to just disable SMT entirely, which is
what security-conscious people do anyway”. See Phoronix,
which originally posted the benchmarks showing the slowdown, and this ZDNet

for more info on this issue.

Feral Interactive announced this morning that Shadow of the
Tomb Raider
is coming to Linux in 2019. Shadow of the Tomb
is the conclusion of Laura Croft’s origin story; the previous
two installments are available for Linux now from Feral Interactive. You
can view the Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer here.

Kdenlive is
holding a bug-squashing day on December 2, 2018
in preparation
for an April 2019 major release. A list of proposed bugs to solve is
available here.
Contact Kdenlive via IRC: #kdenlive on Freenode.

Guillaume Debray has launched a Kickstarter
campaign for a Diskio Pi
“the Ultimate Open Source Tablet”. Diskio Pi is a kit tablet that you
assemble with your nano computer of choice. According to the project
description, it’s an “ideal open solution” to use as an extra computer, a
learning code machine, a media center, for home automation or for your

Android Central reports
on which phones will receive Android Pie. Android Pie is
slated to come to the Asus ZenFone 5 series in early 2019, and in some markets, the
Motorola One and One Power already have received it. See the post on
Android Central
for the full roundup.

Source: Linux Journal