How to create split screen shots in Kdenlive

Video editing is not a complex process from the user’s point-of-view. After all, editors used to cut film with razor blades and tape, and then video on VCRs.The actual process hasn’t changed in 100 years: cut out the bad footage, splice the good parts together. What has changed, and what can get complex, is the visual language editors use in order to convey more information than contained in the footage itself. In this article, I will explore how to achieve a common visual styles in Kdenlive: the split more

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Tor Browser: An Ultimate Web Browser for Anonymous Web Browsing in Linux

By Avishek Kumar

Most of us give a considerable time of ours to Internet. The primary Application we require to perform our internet activity is a browser, a web browser to be more perfect. Over Internet most of our’s activity is logged toServer/Client machine which includes IP address, Geographical Location, search/activity trends and a whole lots of Information which can potentially be very harmful, if used intentionally the other way…


Which programming language is best for beginners?

Part of being a good open source citizen is contributing to the projects and programs you use and care about most—and learning how to code can be a big part of that. But with so many programming languages out there, picking the right entry point into coding can be a more

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