Chrome OS gets sticky, as new Chromebooks emerge

Google announced an Asus “Chromebit” HDMI stick running Chrome OS, plus four new low-cost Chromebooks, and opened its Android-to-Chrome OS app porting tech. Google took the Linux and Chrome browser based Chrome OS a step closer to a potential convergence with Android as it announced the first embedded form-factor Chrome OS computer, as well as […]

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Audit Concludes No Backdoors in TrueCrypt The results are in from the cryptanalysis phase of the TrueCrypt audit, and they show-nothing. Well, maybe not “nothing,” but certainly no signs of a deliberate backdoor from the NSA or any government entity, fears of which date back to the autumn of 2013, post-Snowden, and ignited talk to have the open source encryption software audited.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting: PHP 7, Part 1 (Engine Yard)

By corbet The Engine Yard blog has an
introduction to the changes coming in the PHP 7 release
My personal favorite addition to PHP 7 is the addition of the
Combined Comparison Operator, ,otherwise known as the
spaceship operator. […] It effectively works like strcmp(), or
version_compare(), returning -1 if the left operand is smaller than the
right, 0 if they are equal, and 1 if the left is greater than the
right. The major difference being that it can be used on any two operands,
not just strings, but also integers, floats, arrays, etc.

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Epic Awards One Of Three Unreal Dev Grants To Makers Of Net Neutrality Game

By Timothy Geigner It’s been a unique experience for me as a Techdirt writer, one who does not delve into the net neutrality debates and posts very often, to watch the effect the wider coverage about net neutrality has had on the general public. Without being scientific about it, there are certain markers for story penetration I notice and have noticed specifically when it comes to net neutrality. For instance, a couple of months ago, my father called me up with a simple question: “What should my position be on net neutrality?” The question itself isn’t generally useful, but the simple fact that a grandfather is even asking about it means something…

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