Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, sports evangelist, philanthropist dead at 65

Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist,  space enthusiast, owner of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, Paul Allen, has died.  He was 65.

Allen’s family issued a statement today through by Vulcan Inc., Allen’s privately held company,  on behalf of the Allen Family, Vulcan and the Paul G. Allen network.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our founder Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and noted technologist, philanthropist, community builder, conservationist, musician and supporter of the arts. Mr. Allen died on Monday afternoon, October 15, 2018, from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Seattle.”

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Go command and packages cheat sheet

Of the many things the go executable can do, most people know only go run and go build. And, of the many packages in the standard Go library, most people know only the fmt package. This cheat sheet will list many uses of the go executable and the most important packages in the Go standard library.Download the Go command and packages cheat sheetread more

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How to use Apache reverse proxy as Load Balancer

Reverse proxy is a kind of a proxy that takes http or https request & transfers/distributes them to one or more backend servers. In this tutorial, we will be using three instances of Apache tomcat server & will than use apache reverse proxy as load balancer to distribute & redirect the requests to these three tomcat servers.

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[$] Fighting Spectre with cache flushes

One of the more difficult aspects of the Spectre hardware vulnerability is
finding all of the locations in the code that might be exploitable. There
are many locations that look vulnerable that aren’t, and others that are
exploitable without being obvious. It has long been clear that finding all
of the exploitable spots is a long-term task, and keeping new ones from
being introduced will not be easy. But there may be a simple technique that
can block a large subset of the possible exploits with a minimal cost.

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Deploy Apache Kafka using Docker Compose

In whatever imaginative way you decide to use Kafka, one thing is certain — You won’t be using it as a single instance. It is not meant to be used that way, and even if your distributed app needs only one instance (broker) for now, it will eventually grow and you need to make sure that Kafka can keep up. Docker-compose is the perfect partner for this kind of scalability.

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Which programming language for work? For the weekend?

Our writer community grows each month as new, interesting folks write for us and join in on the fun of sharing their expertise and experiences in open source technology. So, it’s no surprise that they are brimming with fascinating information. It’s just asking the right question to release it.Recently, I asked: What programming languages do you use at work, and which ones do you use on the weekend?read more

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