[$] The problem with the asynchronous bsg interface

The kernel supports two different “SCSI generic” pseudo-devices, each of
which allows user space to send arbitrary commands to a SCSI-attached
device. Both SCSI-generic implementations have proved to have security
issues in the past as a result of the way their API was designed. In the
case of one of those drivers, these problems seem almost certain to lead to the
removal of a significant chunk of functionality in the 4.19 development

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Incomplete Path Expansion (Completion) For Bash

bash-complete-partial-path enhances the path completion in Bash (on Linux, macOS with gnu-sed, and Windows with MSYS) by adding incomplete path expansion, similar to Zsh. This is useful if you want this time-saving feature in Bash, without having to switch to Zsh.

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Stable kernel 4.4.142

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released the 4.4.142
stable kernel. It is not an essential upgrade, “but a number of
build problems with
perf are now resolved, and an x86 issue that some people might have hit
is now handled properly. If those were problems for you, please

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IDG Contributor Network: Communications hubs emerge as a bridge to hybrid IT

Adoption of hybrid IT for delivery of applications across legacy enterprise data centers, and increasingly cloud SaaS and IaaS platforms, is rendering traditional network architectures obsolete. Numerous analysts and articles have predicted the coming obsolescence of hub and spoke MPLS networks anchored on legacy enterprise data centers. While few have detailed what to do about it, a growing number of enterprises are taking matters into their own hands. Those in the know are leveraging communication hubs, sometimes also referred to as cloud hubs, to bridge the gap between their legacy data center environments and the cloud.

The growing challenge of SaaS application performance

As enterprises accelerate their move to cloud, including the growing trend toward cloud office suites, such as Office 365 and Google Suite, where users expect LAN-like performance, challenges are mounting. According to Microsoft, Office 365 is growing at 43 percent, and as of the end of 2017 was boasting 120 million active users. A 2017 survey by TechValidate noted that despite increasing both firewall and network bandwidth capacity, nearly 70 percent of companies experienced weekly network-related performance issues after deploying Office 365. Gartner’s 2018 Strategic Roadmap for Networking, released earlier this year, noted that nearly all enterprises will need to look beyond MPLS and at re-architecting the WAN to optimize for cloud.

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Building tiny container images

When Docker exploded onto the scene a few years ago, it brought containers and container images to the masses. Although Linux containers existed before then, Docker made it easy to get started with a user-friendly command-line interface and an easy-to-understand way to build images using the Dockerfile format. But while it may be easy to jump in, there are still some nuances and tricks to building container images that are usable, even powerful, but still small in size.First pass: Clean up after yourselfread more

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