ownCloud Founder, Frank Karlitschek, Leaves ownCloud to Pursue New Opportunities

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Softpedia was informed a few moments ago that Frank Karlitschek, founder, maintainer and CTO of ownCloud Inc., is leaving the company to pursue new opportunities.

We’re sorry to give you guys such terrible news, and we’re writing this short blog post to inform ownCloud users that nothing will change for them. ownCloud Inc. will continue to function as it did before, and, according to Mr. Karlitschek, this shouldn’t come as bad news to ownCloud as a software. His journey with ownCloud will not end here!

The ownCloud community has also confirmed that Mr. Karlitschek has left the company on April 27, 2016, and made a public statement about this unfortunate event. We’ve also been tipped off earlier by Jos Poortvliet, Community Manag… (read more)

From: Softpedia