Mandriva Fork Mageia 5.1 Lets Users Install the Linux OS on NVMe-Based Drives

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

The development team behind the Mandriva fork Mageia Linux distribution are announcing the release and general availability of the first, and probably the last, point release of the Mageia 5 series.

While Mageia 6 is still in development, the current stable version of the GNU/Linux distro, Mageia 5, just got its first major maintenance update on the second day of December 2016, after approximately 18 months since the release of Mageia 5. Mageia 5.1 is a respin ISO image that contains up-to-date packages and technologies.

“This release is a respin of the Mageia 5 installation and Live ISO images, based on the Mageia 5 repository and incorporating all updates to allow for an up to date installation without the need to install almost a year and a half worth of updates. It is therefore recommended for new installations and upgrades from Mageia 4,” reads the announcement page.

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From: Softpedia