KDE and Necuno Solutions Partner on the Open-Source Necuno Mobile, Fedora 27 Reaches End of Life, Artifact for Linux Now Available, Linux Goes to Mars and BlackArch Linux New Release

News briefs for November 30, 2018.

KDE and Necuno Solutions are partnering to offer Plasma Mobile on
the Necuno Mobile, which is a device Necuno describes as “a truly
open source hardware platform”. From the KDE
blog post
: “With a focus on openness, security and privacy, the
Necuno Mobile is built around an ARM Cortex-A9 NXP i.MX6 Quad
and a Vivante GPU. According to Necuno, none of the closed firmware
has access to the memory.”

Fedora 27
has officially reached End of Life status
, and its
repositories will no longer receive security or bugfix updates. If
you are still running Fedora 27, you should update now to Fedora 28
or 29.

Artifact card game from Valve has officially been released
for Linux. GamingOnLinux
that this “exciting and addictive card game” is the “first Valve game to arrive with Linux
support at release”.

The CubeSat satellites that confirmed the successful landing of the
Mars Insight lander on Mars earlier this week contained
Gumxtix’s Linux-driven Overo IronStorm-Y module and Caspa VL camera.
According to Linux
, “the Mars Cube One (MarCO) satellites are the first
CubeSats to have traveled beyond low Earth orbit. They also likely
represent the farthest distance a Linux computer has traveled into

BlackArch Linux, the Penetration Testing Distribution, has just released new
ISOs and OVA images. This release adds more than 150 new tools,
includes a new version of installer and kernel 4.19.4. See the BlackArch Linux blog for
the complete ChangeLog and download links.

Source: Linux Journal