Kali Linux Ethical Hacking OS Getting Fix for Meltdown & Spectre with Linux 4.15

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Offensive Security, the team of developers behind the widely-used Kali Linux ethical hacking and penetration testing GNU/Linux distribution, released the first snapshot for 2018 with patches for the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities.

Kali Linux 2018.1 is the operating system’s first snapshot for the new year, which can be used by users for new deployments or if they planned on reinstalling their Kali Linux computers because of various reasons.

Being based on Debian, it goes without saying that this release includes all the latest updates and security fixes from upstream. While it comes with the Linux 4.14.12 kernel, Offensive Security promises to upgrade it to the most recent Linux 4.15 kernel release.

The reason is to patch the well known Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities that put billions of devices at risk of attacks, besides offering users all the new features and improv… (read more)

From: Softpedia