IDG Contributor Network: How the IoT helps you make money, save money and stay out of jail

The joke goes like this: “There are only three reasons to complete an Internet of Things project – to make money, save money and stay out of jail.” 

The truth of the first two reasons is easy enough to demonstrate. The third is more complex.

First, it’s an exaggeration for effect. The punchline infers that a properly implemented IoT project should help companies avoid violating data protection and compliancy rules, but the penalty for that is fines, not jail. In addition, even the idea that the IoT helps companies avoid compliance troubles is unproven.

High-profile security breaches that exploited Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities have created major business concerns, and people really aren’t sure how safe IoT is. These breaches have redoubled industry efforts to make the IoT as secure as possible, and the joke implies that these efforts are succeeding. But that’s debatable.

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Source: Network World