GNU Nano Announces Version 3.0, ZFS on Linux Version 0.7.10 Released, Qt 3D Studio 2.1 Beta 1 Now Available, Tor Project’s New Android App in the Works and Elive 3.0 Is Out

News briefs September 10, 2018.

GNU Nano 3.0 “water flowing
underground” was released
. This release of the popular text editor speeds up file reading by 70%, doubles the speed of
reading ascii text, changes the way words at line boundaries are deleted and
much more.

ZFS on Linux has released version 0.7.10. According to the Phoronix
, the most notable change is the Linux 4.18 kernel is now supported, and
the new version “also has build improvements, support for Debian DKMS
builds, a default 4 KiB ashift is added to Amazon EC2 NVMe devices, and various
other minor enhancements and several bug fixes”. See the zfs-0.7.10
GitHub page
for more details.

Qt 3D Studio 2.1 Beta 1 release was announced this morning
. The release
features a new Boolean data type, a new project structure and improvements that make
working with sub-projects more convenient. You can download the Qt online
installer from here.

The Tor Project is working on an Android app for anonymous browsing, TNW
. The official launch is scheduled for next year, but the alpha is
available for testing from Google Play.

Elive 3.0
is out
after eight years of development. The release announcement notes that
“the result is simply amazing and the integration is gorgeous, it is not even
possible to describe every inside feature and the new website only contains a
small portion of its characteristics.”

Source: Linux Journal