GNOME Calendar App to Support Adding and Modifying of Recurrences for GNOME 3.26

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

The Beta release of the upcoming GNOME 3.26 desktop environment is still not out as probably there’s more apps and core components that need to be released, but this gives us extra time to look at the new features of various GNOME apps.

We already told you what’s coming to the Nautilus (GNOME Files) and Epiphany (GNOME Web) apps, and it now looks like the maintainers of the GNOME Calendar app have released the Beta version for GNOME 3.26.

The good news is that GNOME Calendar was finally ported to the new Meson build system, just like the rest of the apps from the GNOME Stack, but the even better news is that you’ll be able to add and modify recurrences to your… (read more)

From: Softpedia