Hacking a Safe with Bash

By Adam Kosmin

Through the years, I have settled on maintaining my sensitive data in
files that I then encrypt asymmetrically. Although I take care to harden my
system and encrypt partitions with LUKS wherever possible, I want to secure my
most important data using higher-level tools, thereby lessening dependence on
the underlying system configuration. more>>

From: Linux Journal

Shashlik – a Tasty New Android Simulator

By James Darvell

Although the Linux kernel forms the beating heart of the Android operating system, it’s still a very different platform from most distros. In fact, beyond the kernel, most of the libraries, services and applications are completely different. While there are hundreds of different Linux distros out there, they all share components from the GNU project. more>>

From: Linux Journal

Embed Linux in Monitoring and Control Systems

By Rick Brown

The target vehicle for this project is a vintage intercity transport bus (think
Greyhound) whose instrument panel was sparse and mostly nonfunctional.
The speedometer cable was twisted off some place back in 40 feet of
and the fuel sensor had sunk long ago. What I wanted was an instrument
panel more in line with modern practice.

From: Linux Journal