Installing Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.9 on openSUSE Leap 15

Have you noticed? After installing Rapid Photo Downloader from the openSUSE repositories, it doesn’t launch. As indicated in an earlier blog post, this program is really great to download your photo’s into the right folders in one go. Version 0.9.9 is a big overhaul for this application. If you want to use it right now, you need to install it using these instructions.

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A Fresh Look At The PGO Performance With GCC 8

It’s been a while since we last ran some GCC PGO benchmarks, the Profile Guided Optimizations or feedback-directed optimization technique that makes use of profiling data at run-time to improve performance of re-compiled binaries. Here are some fresh benchmarks of GCC PGO impact on a Xeon Scalable server while using the newly-released GCC 8.2 release candidate.

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Amazon denies reports it is targeting the network switch market

Amazon Web Services has denied publicly and privately to Cisco that it is targeting Cisco’s bread-and-butter network switching market after a report emerged a few days ago claiming AWS was intending to do just that.

A report in The Information last Friday said AWS was preparing to enter the network switching market, using off-brand “white box” products powered by open-source software. The news quickly made the rounds on Monday, when everyone started paying attention (including me), and the result was a big hit to Cisco’s stock.

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Master The Linux Command Line

If you use Linux long enough, you will most likely have performed actions via the terminal in some capacity, even if it was something as simple as installing a package. You might even know how to create directories or folders, move, copy or rename files and folders, run software, run the odd script now and then, or even attempted to compile software from source code.

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