Analysts look at the IBM/Red Hat deal

Only 11 days have passed since the announcement about IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat. Yet industry analysts are busily projecting the effects that this notable acquisition will have on the future of Red Hat. Having had a chance to compare notes with Richard Slater, Principal Consultant and DevOps/SRE Leader at Amido (an independent, vendor-agnostic technical consultancy focused on cloud native technology and located in London) I feel compelled to toss some reflections and a few hopes into the mix.

Given that the price tag for RedHat represents the third largest acquisition since Dell’s acquiring EMC Data Storage and Avago’s acquisition of Broadcom, a change in how we all think of IBM may be in order. Richard Slater likes the idea of giving the joined company a new name, suggesting that ‘Big Purple’ or ‘Blue Hat’ would properly reflect the significance of the $34B deal. I have some fondness for “IBlinux”. Though IBM is unlikely to even consider changing its name, many of us will likely be thinking of IBM differently until the distinction between these two companies begins to blur. That blurring is likely to take a lot of years.

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Source: Network World