How To Enable Hibernate In Ubuntu Linux

By Mohd Sohail Are you doing multi-tasking on your Linux machine and suddenly there is a power cut? Is you Laptop battery low or have any problem with you PC’s UPS? Then Hibernate is a good option for you! You can save all your work and resume where you left after switching on computer.

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Introducing Future Studio, a Debian-Based OS Designed for Creative People

By Marius Nestor The time has come to introduce you guys to a new Linux kernel-based operating system, designed for creative people who were searching for a good-looking, reliable, and modern distribution for all of their multimedia creation needs. Future Studio OS is based on a mix between Debian GNU/Linux Jessie and Sid, using a low-latency Linux kernel and the KDE4 desktop environment.

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Friday’s security updates

By jake

Debian has updated libreoffice
(denial of service).

Fedora has updated cups (F20:
code execution), dbus (F20: denial of
service), and freetype (F21; F20: many vulnerabilities).

Mageia has updated cpio
(privilege escalation), kernel-linus (many
vulnerabilities, two from 2013), kernel-rt
(many vulnerabilities, two from 2013), kernel-tmb (many vulnerabilities, two
from 2013), kernel-vserver (many
vulnerabilities, two from 2013), ruby-sprockets (information disclosure), sudo (information disclosure), and tomcat (HTTP request smuggling).

openSUSE has updated tigervnc
(13.2: information leak/denial of service) and xorg-x11-server (13.2, 13.1: information
leak/denial of service).

Red Hat has updated openstack-glance (access restriction bypass).

SUSE has updated java-1_7_0-openjdk (many vulnerabilities, lots

Ubuntu has updated nss
(TLS certificate update).

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