The Reality of the Ubuntu Phone

By Matt Hartley By now, most of you have likely heard about the new Ubuntu phone selling out fairly quickly after its release. In a crowded mobile market, any new entries to the smart phone operating system space must find their niche fairly quickly. We’ve seen how failing to address this can lead to mediocre results with Windows Phones.

From: LXer


[$] A GNU C Library update

By corbet A traditional feature of the tools track at the Linux Foundation’s
is an update from the developers of the GNU C Library
(glibc); that tradition was upheld in fine form at the 2015 event. Glibc
developer Roland McGrath noted that while the project is a critical
component in vast numbers of Linux installations, it does not have a lot of
developers working on it. Still, even with a relatively small developer
base, some real progress has been made over the last year.

From: LWN