Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality (Ars Technica)

By n8willis

Ars Technica is one of several news outlets to report on a change announced in Microsoft’s Windows 10 plans. Though the headlines (including Ars Technica’s) paint a rather bleak scenario, the details are not as clear-cut. The UEFI “Secure Boot” mechanism was introduced with Windows 8, at which time Microsoft’s OEM-certification rules mandated that hardware must include a means for the local user to disable Secure Boot. The Windows 10 certification rules does not include the mandated disable switch. Writes Peter Bright: “Should this stand, we can envisage OEMs building machines that will offer no easy way to boot self-built operating systems, or indeed, any operating system that doesn’t have appropriate digital signatures. This doesn’t cut out Linux entirely—there have been some collaborations to provide Linux boot software with the ‘right’ set of signatures, and these should continue to work—but it will make it a lot less easy.” Note, also, that the only source for this story appears to be a presentation from a Microsoft event in Shenzhen, China. Bright adds that he has contacted Microsoft seeking clarification, but has so far received no reply.

From: LWN

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