Kernel Prepatch 4.0-rc1


Linus has closed the merge window for this release and released 4.0-rc1 — meaning, of course, that the current plan is to call the release “4.0”. “But nobody should notice. Because moving to 4.0 does *not* mean that we somehow changed what people see. It’s all just more of the…


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Remote code execution flaw in Samba

By corbet The Samba 4.1.17, 4.0.25 and 3.6.25
are available; they fix an unpleasant code-execution
vulnerability. See this
Red Hat security blog entry
for more information. “CVE-2015-0240
is a security flaw in the smbd file server daemon. It can be exploited by a
malicious Samba client, by sending specially-crafted packets to the Samba
server. No [authentication] is required to exploit this flaw. It can result in
remotely controlled execution of arbitrary code as root.

From: LWN

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