Tweaking Your Fedora Installation For Maximum Productivity & Features

No Linux distribution is absolutely perfect for any and all use cases. Some use older software than the user would prefer, some lack the polish that comes with a distribution integrating all the pieces together, some projects might be heading down a direction that the user disagrees with. Many users end up finding themselves in the arms of the Fedora Project or its cousin the CentOS Project, as it provides the tri-fecta of up-to-date software, distribution level integration, and tweak-ability that Linux users so often enjoy.

From: Phoronix

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Advertising Desktop Linux

By Ken Starks The topic came up when an old friend, Richard, and I began an email exchange to catch up after a number of years. He’s a senior Linux admin for one of the major New York City hospitals and the topic turned to some things we’ve noted over time. We talked about how Linux isn’t. It isn’t in the public awareness. It isn’t in stores. It isn’t offered by OEMs in any real quantity. It isn’t visible at all. Richard stated that it was probably better that way.

From: LXer

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