Yandex Asks Russian Authorities to Drop the Hammer on Google

By Richard Adhikari

Yandex has asked Russia’s antitrust authorities to look into whether Google is breaking the country’s laws by not allowing preinstallation of third-party services on Android devices. Three smartphone vendors told Yandex last year that they couldn’t install its search engine as the default, the company claimed. Yandex is seeking to have the Android OS unbundled from Google Search and other end-user services. The EU began looking into this issue last year. “What goes around comes around,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

From: Linux Insider


Korora Comes Bursting With Extras

By LinuxInsider

Korora, a Linux distro based on Fedora, the community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, just keeps getting better. When I reviewed Korora 19, released in July 2013, I said it had the potential to grow in popularity among users looking for a better, more user-friendly Linux distro that reaches…



Multitenant Sites

By Reuven Lerner

For some time now, there has been tremendous growth in the world of Web
applications. It’s quite amazing to see what you can do just via a Web
browser—not only can you buy just about anything, but also a growing
number of sites offer “software as a service”, often abbreviated as
SaaS. The idea is that in exchange for a monthly service fee, you get
access to a service. more>>

From: Linux Journal