Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland

It was a heck of a year for Ubuntu’s Mir display server from it starting off as the display server to the now-abandoned Unity 8 desktop and it surviving Canonical’s cancelling of the Unity/convergence projects to now not only being fitted for IoT use-cases but gaining Wayland support with hopes some will use it as a Wayland compositor. This also went from Mir 1.0 nearly being released and back to the drawing board to Canonical now hiring more Mir developers and adding Mir to other Linux distributions: what a wild ride 2017 has been for this controversial project…

From: Phoronix


How to Install Moodle on Ubuntu 16.04

Step-by-step Installation Guide on how to Install Moodle on Ubuntu 16.04. Moodle (acronym of Modular-object-oriented dynamic learning environment’) is a free and open source learning management system built to provide teachers, students and administrators single personalized learning environment.

From: LXer