Kali Linux 2016.2 Released as the Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

The Kali Linux (successor of BackTrack) developers are back from the DEF CON Vegas and Black Hat conferences for security professionals and ethical hackers, and, as they promised earlier this year, they’re now announcing the availability of Kali Linux 2016.2.

What’s Kali Linux 2016.2? Well, it’s an updated Live ISO image of the popular GNU/Linux distribution designed for ethical hackers and security professionals who want to harden the security of their networks, which contains the latest software versions and enhancements for those who want to deploy the OS on new systems.

It’s been quite some time since the last update to the official Kali Linux Live ISOs and new software releases are announced each day, which means that the packages included in the previous Kali Linux images are very old, and bugs and improvements are always implemented in the most recent versions of the respective security tools.

“Since our last release several months ago, there’s a few hundre… (read more)

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3 copyright tips for students and educators

Copyright is a really complicated topic, and when it comes to online use of creative works, accidentally crossing the line between fair use and a copyright violation is easy. How do you know what is copyrighted? Recently Frederico Morando (Creative Commons, Italy) and I presented a training session on understanding copyright policies at Wikimania 2016.read more

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[$] The kernel community confronts GPL enforcement

By corbet Some of the most important discussions associated with the annual Kernel
Summit do not happen at the event itself; instead, they unfold prior to the
summit on the planning
mailing list
. There is value in learning what developers
feel needs to be talked about and, often, important issues can be resolved
before the summit itself takes place. That list has just hosted (indeed,
is still hosting as of this writing) a
voluminous discussion on license enforcement that was described by some
participants as being “pointless” or worse. But that discussion has served
a valuable purpose: it has brought to the light a debate that has long
festered under the surface, and it has clarified where some of the real
disagreements lie.

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Tools To Password Protect Folder In Linux

By Mohd Sohail Most of the time, having a password protected user is all you need to keep your files private and protected from prying eyes. There are those few times when you need to allow access to your account to another person, sometimes there are folders or files you would like to keep away from being accessed. Now we can password protect folder with several handy tools. In the Windows world, these tools are quite easily available for Windows but today we will look at a few options available for the Linux user.

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A new OpenSUSE Linux is coming to town, and it’s all about stability

By Katherine Noyes

Linux users come in many shapes and sizes, but those in the business world typically steer clear of the bleeding edge. That’s why the OpenSUSE project recently switched to a two-pronged development approach, with one version focused on constant updates and another on enterprise-grade stability. On Wednesday, the latter took a big step forward.

The first beta version of OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 is now available, giving enterprises and other stability-minded users the chance to check it out and get a taste of what’s coming in the final release, which is due Nov. 16. This is the first key update to the Leap software since OpenSUSE adopted its dual-path approach late last year with OpenSUSE 42.1.

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