The Linux Foundation Partners with Women Who Code to Increase Diversity at 2016 Events

By Jennifer Cloer

Part of our mission at The Linux Foundation is to bring more people into the open source community, which involves reaching people who have traditionally been underrepresented in open source specifically and technology generally. As part of this continuing effort, we are proud to partner with Women Who Code to provide free passes and 20 percent discounts for their members and subscribers to attend The Linux Foundation’s various events around the world.



Initial Hands-On With The Passively-Cooled Airtop PC Boasting A Core i7 & GTX 950

Since the Airtop PC was announced back in January there has been a lot of interest in this passively-cooled, high-performance line of PCs by the folks at CompuLab. The Airtop isn’t some low-end, passively cooled PC but rather can be equipped with a Core i7 or Xeon CPU and a discrete graphics card to deliver very capable performance while having a completely silent PC. Some have been skeptical about the cooling and performance claims of the Airtop PC, but our review sample arrived this morning and have begun testing out this very interesting PC.

From: Phoronix


Elementary boss watches the Linux distro make great strides

By Bryan Lunduke

I’m a big openSUSE user. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I love it so much that I even sit on the openSUSE board.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the other, truly remarkable, Linux distributions. And one of my absolute favorites is elementary OS. What this group of people has accomplished over the last few years is nothing short of phenomenal.

So I reached out to the Big Kahuna of elementary, Daniel Fore, to have chat about the project. Where it’s going, how it got to where it’s at and what motivates the project founder. It turned out to be a rather enlightening chat and I am including it below. Unedited.

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