Gorgeous deepin 15 Linux Distribution Officially Released, Based on Debian

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Today, December 31, 2015, the development team behind the gorgeous deepin Linux operating system had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the deepin 15 OS.

Based on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, deepin 15 is here to bring you one of the most beautifully crafted, safe, secure, and user-friendly desktop oriented OS powered by all the latest GNU/Linux technologies, as well as numerous unique features that can’t be fou… (read more)

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Stupid Patent of the Month: Microsoft’s Design Patent on a Slider

By Vera Ranieri Microsoft’s patent claims against Corel are unsurprising in light of how much money is potentially at stake. If Corel is found to infringe even one of Microsoft’s design patents through even the smallest part of Corel Home Office, current Federal Circuit law entitles Microsoft to all of Corel’s profits for the entire product. Not the profits that can be attributed to the design. Not the value that the design adds to a product. All of the profit from Corel Home Office.

From: LXer


New Year’s Eve security updates

By jake

Debian-LTS has updated cacti
(regression in previous security fix).

Fedora has updated arts (F22:
privilege escalation), claws-mail (F23:
code execution), cups-filters (F22: code
execution), kdelibs3 (F22: privilege
escalation), libpng10 (F22: read
underflow), php-horde-Horde-Core (F22:
cross-site scripting), php-horde-Horde-Perms (F22: cross-site
scripting), php-horde-Horde-Service-Weather
(F22: cross-site scripting), phpmyadmin (F23; F22:
installation path disclosure), and python-django (F22: information leak).

Gentoo has updated inspircd
(three largely unspecified vulnerabilities, one from 2012) and systemsettings (privilege escalation).

openSUSE has updated flash-player
(11.4: many vulnerabilities).

From: LWN