How Much is Open Source “Worth?” Our New Report.

By Amanda McPherson

Can the principles and practices of Linux be transferred to other industries? We at The Linux Foundation certainly think so and apparently so does the industry. Over the last few years every major technology category has been taken over by open source. Many of those Foundations and projects are being hosted at The Linux Foundation or at other organizations like the Apache Software Foundation and others. Much opinion has been written about the proliferation of open source projects, but not about the value. We set out this year to do a simple code analysis to answer a question: What R&D value are the people who use these projects receiving? Today we’ve released a report that attempts to answer this question, “A $5B Value: Estimating the Total Development Costs in Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects.” We’ve based our findings on a well known code analysis method called COCOMO to analyze all the code in our projects’ code repositories on Git. The results were impressive: As of last month, 115,013,302 total lines of source code were present in Linux Foundation’s Collaborative…