[$] LuaTeX comes of age

By jake The release of the 2017 version of TeX Live had plenty of incremental
improvements for the TeX
computer typesetting system and the myriad of tools that go with it. One
of the more significant changes, though, was the release of the 1.0.4
version of LuaTeX, which allows users to embed Lua programs into their TeX
documents. That ability allows creating non-standard and unusual
typesetting effects much more easily than it would be with TeX itself.
Guest author Lee Phillips gives an overview of LuaTeX and shows some of the
things that can be accomplished using it.

From: LWN

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Hardening Docker Hosts

By Chris Binnie Root inside your containers is the root user on your host. Securing your Docker containers and the hosts upon which they run is key to sustaining reliable and available services. From my professional DevSecOps perspective securing the containers and the orchestrators (such as OpenShift, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes) is usually far from easy.

From: LXer

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