Top 5 programming languages for DevOps

I’ve been focused on infrastructure for the majority of my career, and the specific technical skills required have shifted over time. In this article, I’ll lay out five of the top programming languages for DevOps, and the resources that have been most helpful for me as I’ve been adding those development skills to my infrastructure more

From: LXer


The Root Cause of Input-Based Security Vulnerabilities – Don’t Fear the Grammar


Input-based attacks like Buffer Overflows, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and XXE are common in today’s software. And they do not go away. But why is that? Shouldn’t one assume that existing frameworks handle input correctly, and free developers from struggling with correctly implementing input handling over and over again? Sadly, the answer is no.

In this post I wrap up some ideas of Language Security Langsec which find a general solution to this problem and provide some tools to fix it.