Salix Xfce 14.2 Live Edition Is Almost Here, First Release Candidate Is Out Now

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Salix OS developer Dimitris Tzemos announced this past weekend the availability for download and public testing of the first Release Candidate (RC) development version of the upcoming Salix Xfce 14.2 Live Edition.

The Salix Xfce 14.2 operating system landed on the last day of August, exactly two months ago, but it’s only distributed as installable-only ISO images for 64- and 32-bit hardware architectures, so live mediums are always delivered a few weeks later after the official release of the Slackware-based GNU/Linux distribution.

The Salix Xfce 14.2 Live Edition has been in development since then, and it looks like it’s getting closer to a final release. The first RC build is now available for final testing, and, if now major blockers will be found during its test period, it will become the final, production-ready version of the distribution.

“I hope no problems will be reported and this will be renamed to the final release,” said Dimitris Tzemos in the read more)

From: Softpedia