ownCloud Contributor Conference Announcements

By ris The ownCloud Contributor Conference
(August 28-September 3 in Berlin, Germany) started off with some big
, including the publishing of the User Data Manifesto 2.0, the
creation of the ownCloud Security Bug Bounty Program, and the release of
the ownCloud Proxy app. “Designed for those of you who want your own private, secure “Dropbox” and don’t want the hassle of configuring routers, firewalls and DNS entries for access from anywhere, at any time, ownCloud Proxy is for you. It comes installed as an ownCloud community app in the new ownCloud community appliance, connects to relay servers in the cloud, and provides anytime, anywhere access to your files, on your PC running in your home network, quickly and easily. And, of course, you can grab it from the ownCloud app store and add it to an existing ownCloud server if you already have one running.

From: LWN