Web comic adapted to animation thanks to open license

Marking a major milestone for the sustainability of free-culture production, David Revoy’s popular free-culture fantasy web comic, Pepper & Carrot, about a young witch (Pepper) and her cat (Carrot), has been adapted into a motion-comic style animation by Nikolai Mamashev, produced by Konstantin Dmitriev’s Morevna Project.read more

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Latest Clonezilla Live Stable Update Includes a Lite Server, Linux Kernel 4.11.6

By Softpedia News (Marius Nestor)

Clonezilla Live and GParted Live developer Steven Shiau is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability for download of a new stable version of his widely-used Clonezilla Live project.

Based on the open-source Clonezilla disk partitioning and imaging/cloning program, Clonezilla Live is a GNU/Linux operating system that allows anyone to partition disks, as well as clone entire disks or partitions without installing anything on the respective computers.

Based on the Debian Sid repository as of July 26, 2017, Clonezilla Live 2.5.2-17 is now the latest stable release of the project, which ships with major enhancements and bug fixes. The distribution is now powered by the Linux 4.11.6 kernel and Partclone 0.2.91 backup utility, but it also appears to include a lite server.

“A lite server was added in Clonezilla live. It can be used as Clonezilla server, with limited features, but works for most of the scenarios. Therefore re-arrange the main menu of Clone… (read more)

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